Celts in the Rhineland

In the LVR-LandesMuseum in Bonn a brand new exhibition of the museum’s Celtic collection has been opened since June 2016. The museum holds an internationally important collection of Celtic objects from the period between roughly 500 BC and 50 BC, when Caesar’s campaigns largely ended Celtic rule in the region.

The exhibition focuses on the Celtic presence in the Rhineland more than two thousand years ago. Some of the items displayed belong to the most famous and important Celtic archaeological finds presently known. Many objects were found in presumably royal graves, at least belonging to people from the upper layer of society. The oldest wheel of the Rhineland can be seen, dating from c. 250-50 BC, as well as interesting sculptures and a huge iron deposit.

The most evocative pieces though, are the Pfalzfeld Column and the drinking vessels from the grave of the so-called Waldalgesheim Princess, famous among Celtic scholars. The pillar has suffered a lot during the centuries and now only measures around half of its original size. However, the intriguing sculpted faces with mistletoe headgear luckily remained to the present day. If you are interested in the Celts I definitely advise you to make a trip to Bonn as soon as possible to see these treasures yourself. The exhibition isn’t very large but of a very high quality.

Wouter van Dijk