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Reviewer: Wouter van Dijk

Blood of the Celts. The New Ancestral Story, Jean Manco

Thames and Hudson Ltd, London 2015
ISBN: 9780500051832

Hardback with dust jacket, with illustrations, appendix, notes, bibliography and index
240 pages
£18,95 / €21,03

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celts-alice-robertsReviewer: Wouter van Dijk

Celts. Search for a Civilization, Alice Roberts
Based on the BBC series The Celts: Blood, Iron and Sacrifice

Heron Books (imprint of Quercus Publishing Ltd), London 2015
ISBN: 978 1 78429 332 1

Hardback with dust jacket, illustrated in colour and black-and-white, with maps, further reading section and index
298 pages
£20,00 / €24,12


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celtic_mythsReviewer: Wouter van Dijk

The Celtic Myths. A Guide to the Ancient Gods and Legends, Miranda Aldhouse-Green

Thames & Hudson Ltd, London 2015
ISBN: 978-0-500-25209-3

Hardback with dust jacket, richly illustrated, with maps, list of further reading and index
208 pages
£12,95 / €16,95

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Reviewer: Wouter van DijkCeltic_Art

Celtic Art, Venceslas Kruta

Phaidon Press, London 2015
ISBN: 978 0 7148 4597 5

Hardback, lavishly illustrated in colour, with glossary, chronology, map, bibliography and index
240 pages
£59,95 / €49,95


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Origins of the Irish

Reviewer: Wouter van Dijk

The Origins of the Irish, J.P. Mallory

Thames & Hudson, London 2015
ISBN: 978-0-500-29184-9

Paperback, with maps, illustrations in black and white, notes, bibliography and index
320 pages
£14,95 / €17,99



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