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Seals, Brigitte Bedos-Rezak (red.)

Recensent: Wouter van Dijk

Seals. Making and Marking Connections across the Medieval World, Brigitte M. Bedos-Rezak (red.)

Arc Humanities Press / Amsterdam University Press, Leeds 2018
ISBN 9781641892568

245 pagina’s
€ 115,-

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Digitizing Medieval Manuscripts, Bill Endres

Recensent: Wouter van Dijk

Digitizing Medieval Manuscripts. The St. Chad Gospels, Materiality, Recoveries, and Representation in 2D & 3D, Bill Endres

Arc Humanities Press, Leeds 2019
ISBN: 9781942401797

120 pagina’s

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Books before print, Erik Kwakkel

Books before print, Erik Kwakkel
Medieval Media Cultures Series

Arc Humanities Press/Amsterdam University Press, Leeds/Amsterdam 2018
ISBN: 9781942401612

Hardback, lavishly illustrated in colour, recommended reading section, bibliography and indici
282 pages
€ 105,00 (paperback € 34,50)

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