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Reviewer: Wouter van Dijk

Social Dynamics in the Northwest Frontiers of the Late Roman Empire. Beyond Decline or Transformation, N. Roymans, S. Heeren, W. De Clercq (eds.)
Amsterdam Archaeological Studies 26

Amsterdam University Press, Amsterdam 2017
ISBN: 9789462983601

Hardcover, illustrated in colour and black and white, with figures, maps, tables, notes, bibliography and list of contributors
222 pages
€ 105,00

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Recensent: Wouter van Dijk

De muur van Hadrianus. De Romeinse limes in Groot-Brittannië, Adrian Goldsworthy. Deel 1 in de serie Tastbaar Verleden

Uitgeverij Omniboek, Utrecht 2018
ISBN: 9789401912440

Paperback, geïllustreerd in kleur en zwart-wit, met kaarten, chronologie, appendix, noten en register
192 pagina’s
€ 18,99

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riley_journey_britanniaReviewer: Wouter van Dijk

Journey to Britannia. From the Heart of Rome to Hadrian’s Wall. AD 130, Bronwen Riley

Head of Zeus Ltd., London 2015
ISBN: 9781781851340

Hardcover with dust jacket, with maps, checklist of Latin and English place names, bibliography, notes and index
335 pages
£25,00 / €27,00

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